Six of the best Baby Costumes for Halloween 2015!!

Li’l kids just love getting a costume on and being the stars of the moment! Help them shine, and remember to tell them to not let anyone ever dull their sparkle!!


6- Lion King Simba Deluxe


That adorable Simba the Lion costume is certain to be a hit! The color is beautiful and striking and it will turn your loved one into a most adorable little lion! One of my favorite costumes.


5- Vanilla Bunny Costume


This little bunny with his carrot rattle makes my heart melt! I think it will have the same effect on you too. Cute headpiece with ears, jumpsuit, and rattle. Three available sizes from 0 up to 18 months.


4- Frozen Toddler size


How adorable is that costume? If your child enjoyed watching Frozen and loved watching Olaf in action, then this costume is perfect!!

Jumpsuit with brown stick-like sleeves, snowman foam overlay, and soft character headpiece. Toddler fits sizes 3T-4T.


3- The Little Mermaid Toddler size


Who didn’t fall in love with Ariel and her friends on that ever enchanting adventure concocted by the Disney Studios? Let your little girl enjoy being the most famous siren in the world and revisit the beautiful songs of the movie.

” I don’t know when/ I don’t know how/ But I know something’s starting right now/ Watch and you’ll see/ Someday I’ll be/ Part of Your World…”




Here is a simple but precious costume for your little one! Hooded red cape with pompom antennae comes with matching mittens and booties with nonskid soles and soft fuzzy ankle trim. Fits infants from 3-12 months.




This adorable outfit is my favorite. Just because what is cuter than a mini Batman? Superheroes come in all sizes!

Romper with nonskid soles and headpiece. Infant fits sizes 6-12 months.

The Six Best Men’s Halloween Costumes for 2015!

6- Family Guy Stewie


“Stewie: Let me guess, you picked out yet another colorful box with a crank that I’m expected to turn and turn until OOP! big shock, a jack pops out and you laugh and the kids laugh and the dog laughs and I die a little inside. ” Do you LOVE Stewie as much as we do? Then this has to be the perfect costume for you! Jumpsuit, foam head mask and PVC rear end. One size fits most adults (42-46).

DG6445 – $61.69



What is funnier than this costume? The inflatable quality is strongly reinforced by the cultural character of a sumo wrestler. Great light costume to wear that will make you noticed by all!

SS25795G – $47.89

4-Despicable Me Gru



“Gru: We stole the Statue of Liberty…! [the minions cheer] Gru: …the small one, from Las Vegas! [the cheers stop] Gru: I won’t even mention the Eiffel Tower… also Vegas. ” Mask, grey shirt with attached scarf and black pants. Adult standard fits up to size 42.

3- Minion Dave Costume


How cute are minions? Very!!

Your favorite little goggle-wearing helper from the Despicable Me franchise.  Silk-screened foam smock. One size fits most adults.

RU887338  – $20.00

2-  Pirate


You can always trust the untrustworthy because you can always trust that they will be untrustworthy. Its the trustworthy you can’t trust. – Captain Jack Sparrow

Arr arr, what’s more fetching than a pirate outfit like this one?


IC-3002 – $95.89

1- Batman Grand Heritage


Just like the costume shown in the movie The Dark Knight Rises! Spandex jumpsuit, molded chest piece, belt, cape, gloves, headpiece and boot tops.

RU56309 – $299.89

The Six Best Women’s Halloween Costumes for 2015!

Here are six of the best women’s costumes available this season!




Wear this colorful costume out in the garden and you’ll be harvesting men by the bushel! Peasant dress with attached petticoat and garters, thigh highs, and hat.

FW-122524  -$24.89

5- Cat Fight Catsuit


Meow!! Out at night this feline likes to prowl, yous finished because she lets out a howl. It’s time for some frisky feline fun in this sexy, body-hugging metallic black bodysuit with ripped front pant leg and shoulder detailing, attached tail, belt, and headpiece with mask. 100% polyester.

RL-9959 -$53.79

4- Scary Mary



Scary Mary is an outstanding costume! Even though it is all simply white as snow, the striking mask will give everyone goose bumps!

Extremely easy to wear, its size fits from size 4 to 14 and it makes it one of the most versatile costume of this season!

FW1106W  -$24.89



How cool is this costume? This lovely wig and dress are sure to impress and spell H-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n   so well! The dress is darling and the boot tops help make the look complete and charming. Wig, dress, and boot tops. Adult standard fits up to size 12.

RU-16517  -$27.89


2- Steampunk 1880’s Picnic 2-pc Ensemble


What is more adorable and trendier than that Steampunk outfit? Not much! This ensemble will make you look like a Victorian reincarnation of happy times at the beach and boardwalk.


C1234c – $78.76


1- Elsa from Frozen


Look just like the Snow Queen, Elsa, from the popular Disney movie, Frozen! Lovely arctic blue satin dress with sheer blue sleeves has a sparkly bodice and a sheer skirt overlay with white glittery snowflakes!

DG82832B – $69.89


Six of the Best Kids Costume for Halloween 2015!


As Halloween 2015 approaches, let’s recap together on some of the best costumes out there for kids.

6- Transformers Optimus Costume for Girls


A cool costume that dazzles and will bring your little girl to a great place where she can pretend to fight along her companions.

The dress is very cute with its machinery detailing on the chest. As for the included headpiece, it will be the crowning touch to an already awesome costume.

5-  SpongeBob Deluxe Costume for all


Who doesn’t LOVE SpongeBob? He has been one of the top choices for Halloween for years now.  Have you seen all his movies? I personally adored the latest one. SpongeBob is a lovable character that brings a smile to everyone.

The costumes includes the tunic as well as the shoe covers. All you have to do is add your own shirt and pants. I bet you will feel like you are living in a  pineapple under the sea!

4- My Little Pony Pinkie Pie


My Little Pony has been around for a long time and recently experienced a revival. All girls fall for these magical creatures that help create enchanting stories. Its sweet and innocent nature makes it a perfect outfit!

The outfit  comprises a dress with detachable tail, arm warmers, leg warmers and character headpiece.

3- Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo Costume


Cowabunga dude! Dress your child up like his favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – Leonardo!  The Mutant Ninja Turtles have been a favorite for years and for generations as well! The MNT 2014 movie was a huge hit here at home and in the rest of the world and for a good reason!

This beautiful costume comes  with a muscle chest jumpsuit with foam details and shoe covers, stuffable shell and appropriate mask. It is an amazing costume to wear and to look at! Its detailing and work makes it a very realistic costume to wear.

2- Despicable Me 2 Dave Minion Costume


Despicable Me and its Minions are a must in so many ways! I don’t know about you, but I have seen Despicable Me 1 and 2 countless times and the Minions movie of this summer was a great time! I cannot wait for the next release, and in the meantime, I will keep collecting stuff that sports these adorable Minions!

The costume is a great way for your child to show how much the Minions are a favorite! Become Dave Minion with this lovely foam tunic. Just add your own shirt and pants and have a Minion ball!!

1- Darth Vader Child Costume with Mask


It has to be the number 1 costume of 2015 Halloween!!  With Star Wars: Episode VII coming to movie theaters on December 18, 2015, this costume is a MUST. Star Wars fans are already busy getting their costumes in order to celebrate the upcoming release and will do so on Halloween as well as when it hits movie theaters.

Never forget that no one is cooler than Darth Vader!!

This deluxe costume consists of  an injection molded helmet/mask, flowing cape, 3-D belt and jumpsuit with 3-D molded EVA collar, boot tops and chest piece.